Screenwriters are highly trained to create engaging and timely narrative. Their success depends on their ability to understand and blend human behavior, emotional triggers, cultural influences, and historical themes. So we work with some of the world’s best screenwriters to bring those narrative skills to your brand storytelling.

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Campaign Concepts

For major campaigns and hero product launches, pressure is high to ensure that the core creative idea will justify the investment and enable brilliant execution. treatment. utilizes its deep roster of film and television screenwriters to “break the story” of these critical projects. That’s the intensive exercise in the writer’s room where the team identifies what their show is truly about and how that central idea can support the many story elements to come. The writers will proceed to creative execution only when they’ve completed this exercise. However, once they have, storytelling flows smoothly because the central idea and framework are clear.

Hiring treatment. was the first thing I did at View. The brand story structure they created for us is the center beam for everything we do in marketing, from brand programs to sales support.

Brett Murray
VP of Marketing, View Inc.

treatment. pairs screenwriters with former heads of marketing to ensure that this screenwriting method converts successfully to the business world. We finalize the project brief with you, conduct intensive sessions with our writers, and present core concepts back to you in a Hollywood-esque pitch meeting. Upon approval of a concept, we build out the campaign’s creative strategy, in tandem with your agency or solo. With this approach, and talent, applied to major campaigns, companies gain a competitive advantage in creative strategy for just a small percentage of the overall campaign budget.

Film Scripts

Film development has become a core element of any marketing toolkit. Four out of five companies today create videos regularly. Yet many are still sell sheets in video form. treatment. consults with content teams on film narrative structure and cinematic storytelling to create films that truly engage an audience. The writers of The Big Bang Theory, Scandal, Die Hard, Grey’s Anatomy, Source Code, and others apply their decades of training to your project.

For the most important projects, treatment. develops the film concept and writes the full script. This ensures that your hero project will receive the highest level of writing talent that knows how to build an engaging narrative through film. The best branded films occur when story leads and selling follows. Coke and an Oscar winner know this. There are many companies and writers who can have the same impact. treatment. makes that happen.

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brand scripting

Using the screenwriter’s approach, treatment. identifies the core brand narrative of the company and builds the story structure that aligns all executional efforts.

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The power of story can positively influence any organization. We offer custom-designed workshops that teach the story-building methods of the writer’s room.

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