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Maturing start-ups have a great initial product, core team and financial backers. They also have huge time pressures, new employees joining weekly, and temptations that over-extend the business. treatment. identifies the core brand narrative of the company and builds the story structure to align all execution efforts. Our process is lean and rapid to match the pace of the start-up culture. No exhausting research studies or Powerpoint decks measured by tonnage. We utilize all existing data sources, conduct select stakeholders interviews, and lead a collaborative workshop honing in on the brand strategy and story that will catapult the company forward, together.
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established companies:

More established companies have fully developed brand strategies. But often there are gaps between the strategy and execution, and between marketing and the rest of the company. For these clients, we turn the strategy into a brand story framework. Concise, visual and accessible to all, the framework fosters better collaboration and creative output. By looking at brand through a story-driven lens – e.g., what will resonate with an audience, what unique characteristics will drive connection – we tether brand strategy to the storytelling execution, saving significant time and money in the process. And because our tools can be applied at the product or campaign level, we create a common story language across global marketing and the company as a whole.


For all companies, in just six weeks, we produce:

  • a single-page brand story structure (see screencast)
  • a 2-page treatment that serves as both strategy brief and messaging guide
  • the training tools to educate all current and future contributors to the brand story

Every one of our marketing and strategic activities was improved because of the treatment. approach. After seeing its impact first-hand, I know Clay and team will be a huge asset for our portfolio companies.

Alex Doll
Managing Partner, TenEleven Ventures

Following this foundational work, we often stay “on set” to extend the story framework in one of four areas:

  • brand activation: this effort maps all corporate initiatives that support the brand strategy to ensure that strategy becomes reality in daily operations
  • content marketing: through mapping exercises and deep-dive training, we ensure that all content marketing supports and elevates the brand
  • sales: for companies with complex sales cycles, we map all key steps and characters in the optimal sales process for ‘best practice’ training purposes
  • video production: we consult with video teams on how to apply a more cinematic approach for more original and interesting brand films

Our other services


story creative

With a story structure in place, the writers of The Big Bang Theory, Die Hard, Scandal, and more help you build a story that better connects your brand to its audience.

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The power of story can positively influence any organization. We offer custom-designed workshops that teach the story-building methods of the writer’s room.

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