treatment. is a marketing consultancy that uses the methods of the screenwriter to help brands build and tell their unique story.

Drawing inspiration from all parts of the screenwriter’s craft, our process helps brands change the way they think and talk. By putting strategy into a story structure, we create a better framework for collaboration and creative output.

Our team includes some of the best screenwriters working in film and television today.

With their talent and approach, this is brand storytelling applied to marketing strategy.

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brand scripting

Using the screenwriter’s approach, treatment. identifies the core brand narrative of the company and builds the story structure that aligns all executional efforts.

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story creative

With a story structure in place, writers of The Big Bang Theory, Die Hard, Scandal, and more help you build a story that better connects your brand to its audience.

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The power of story can positively influence any organization. We offer custom-designed workshops that teach the story-building methods of the writer’s room.

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The treatment. approach provided the roadmap for every one of our marketing and strategic activities, from our founding up to this day. I know Clay and team will be a huge asset for our portfolio companies as they learn how to authentically communicate and position themselves beyond technical capabilities alone.

Alex Doll
Founder and Managing Partner, TenEleven Ventures

treatment. gave us a critical, early stage framework for thinking about one of our hero products. The audience perspective was the most essential component as it snapped us out of ‘internal speak’ and focused us on end user value. It’s an approach that we found to be quite unique, engaging and totally refreshing.

Darrin Caddes
VP of Corporate Design, Plantronics

With so much potential application of our technology, we needed a process that would focus us on the core essentials. treatment. has a very efficient and audience-driven approach, and gave us just the framework we needed for our product and marketing efforts.

Eric Strasser
CMO, Motiv

Hiring treatment. was the first thing I did at View. The brand story that Clay drew out of our leadership team influenced our understanding of who we are and translated directly into all of our communications efforts. Our ‘Story Structure’ is now the center beam for everything we do in marketing, from brand programs to sales support.

Brett Murray
VP of Marketing, View Inc.

Clay is an exceptionally unique talent – his method for building a brand story gave us a much clearer, more customer-engaging identity with far less effort than expected.  And the impact on our business has been fabulous.  My only disappointment is that I didn’t meet Clay earlier in my career.

David Ehrlich
CEO, Aktana


Story First, then Storytelling

Story First, then Storytelling

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in News

We have scientific studies, corporate case studies and countless thought leaders telling us that stories trump facts and stats when trying to resonate with an audience. So why won’t the storytelling craze help us? First, let’s consider the opportunity we’re trying to address. According to eMarketer, $135 billion was spent on content marketing, viral marketing and social media […]

If Tech Marketers Ran Hollywood

If Tech Marketers Ran Hollywood

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in News

Seventy-four percent of technology companies have achieved something “breakthrough,” “revolutionary,” or “world class,” and 49% are leaders of their category. Hard to believe, yes, but that’s what they tell us.  I recently examined all the press releases from MarketWired’s industry feeds for Computers & Software; Telecommunications; and Electronics & Semiconductors over a 24-hour period.  I […]

The CMO as Studio Storyteller

The CMO as Studio Storyteller

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in News

$135 billion will be spent on content marketing, video marketing and social media worldwide in 2014, according to eMarketer. $91 billion will be spent on watching films worldwide in 2014. Think about that.  The content marketing “industry” will be 44% larger in 2014 than the film industry. Companies aren’t becoming like movie studios in the massive amounts of […]